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Simply connect
anyone, anywhere

Share your social media, your favourite songs, grow your network and use it as your digital businesscard. Explore the possibilities yourself! The amigo platform is free and provides you with an url which is easy to share. But, there is more! We have developed new products, if you are interested find out how to use them or buy them directly in the webshop.

Simply connect anyone, anywhere


Create an account

If you would like to share your amigo profile in the club, studio or in business meetings and events you can choose the amigo product that matches your style. First, want to have a look at the amigo platform? Try amigo for free!


Drag, drop and share

Add all your (social) urls, like your LinkedIn, Instagram, Soundcloud! If you want to share your favourite Ted Talk of all time, go ahead! Customise your profile as much as you want!


Be simply connected

You can easily share your profile, using the amigo products! No app is required and the products will last a lifetime! Sometimes you don't want to share, with the offline function you can easily turn off sharing.


The original brand style. Collaborate with coworkers and catch up with all your friends and family, you’ll always look your best.


Summer White

Get ready for the summer! It’s time to shake off the chilly spring weather, go outside and connect with new friends!


Black Collection

Exclusive, flexible, modern. An easy to use tool for professionals and business. Stay up-to-date and grow your network.


Easily share anything, instantly

Everyone has a digital identity

Not everybody sees it this way, but everyone tries to be the best online version of themselves. Select the information you would like to share and easily share it with your amigo account. Reach your friends, colleagues or anyone you like, with everything you like.

Nice product, not expensive. And especially the online profile is super convenient to use. You can always adjust everything. And share only if I want.

Giancarlo Grünberg, Freelance Photographer

Extremely valuable to business relations. Everyone is amazed and can access my important data anytime, anywhere. Recommended!

Peter van Peelt , Financial Director

Bought on a whim, I honestly didn't expect amigo to be functional as well. I use it with my friends, but I noticed it is super nice to use on my work!

Robin Menting, Lead Generation Consultant

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Free online account: the amigo platform is free. If you want to share offline as well, you need to buy an amigo product.

Shareable link: all amigo accounts get a free link that could be shared on any type of social media. For example, you could add your amigo profile to your instagram bio.

Offline sharing: use the buttons and keychains in the club or at your favourite festival. In business meetings or at business events you could use the amigo businesscards.

No app needed: the amigo profiles can be managed from your phone or computer without the need of an app!

GDPR Proof: the amigo profile will only remember the data that you want to share. If you delete an app, the data is deleted as well. If you don't want to share anything, use the offline functionality!


Use this compatibility check to make sure your phone works with the amigo products.